Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Everlasting Happiness

When I 'trapped' in a new life
Nothing special that I felt
I just followed all my wills
Without caring what would I face

But somehow, it is my choise
Believe it's the saliant way
To fix everything that's wrong
Changing me be a better person

Now I reliaze this way are so hard
Many obstacles wait in front
Should I sacrifice all things that I love
To make me always survive

I always try to survive
Eventhough it's so hard
Let my self struggle
To make me survive undergo this path
and kill all my fears and doubts
Hope I do the true things
And in the end my journey
Hope I find everlasting happiness

But I'm so weak
I can't prolong this
Even want to escape leaving this
When I lost the directions
I'm not strong for stading here longer

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